Our Story
We are a husband and wife team who met in college, where Charlie was a 4-year letterman on the Varsity Basketball team and Tami discovered her love of exercise. We have over 25 years of combined experience in functional fitness and sports performance.  
Every time you walk into our facility, we hope you feel valued, encouraged, and challenged. Your workout is important to us, but you can workout anywhere. There's much more to what we do than just kicking your butt and making you sweat. 
There are a lot of fitness professionals who will take your money as long as you're willing to hand it over. They'll allow you to go through the motions, complain when you don't comply, and let you feel good about the idea of health without holding you accountable. We are not those trainers. We ask that you check your negativity at the door. We're going to give you our relentless effort, including additional support outside of your workouts. Our testimonials speak to our high level of care and expertise. We simply ask for your best effort and coachability in return. 
You can expect us to be a product of the product. We are physically active, and perform the same type of exercises we ask of our clients. We eat clean, use food to fuel our bodies, and fill gaps in our diet using world-class supplementation. We use our minds and bodies to honor the Lord. Our faith and family are our top priorities.
If you feel we can be of value to you and your family and friends, it would be our privilege to find out how we can serve you.
Charlie & Tami Smith
Owners & Head Trainers, Elite Performance
Charlie & Tami Smith
Elite Performance
"I have trained with Tami and Charlie for a number of years now. They are fantastic at what they do. They genuinely care about YOU and your well-being."
-Mattie L.

"Two of the most amazing, smart, uplifting and inspiring people I have ever met!! I'm so glad Tami and Charlie came into my life! You will be too!!" 
-Noelle A.

"Tami and Charlie are two of the sweetest people you can have the pleasure of meeting. Their good vibes illuminate the building."
-Caitlyn S.
One of our favorite exercise accomplishments - hiking the Grand Canyon from south rim to north rim in 2012 (21 mi. and 10,500 feet of total elevation change).
Since 2011, we have used AdvoCare supportive nutrition products for safe and effective results to supplement our daily nutrition.

ONline fitness
Now you can train with Charlie and Tami no matter where you live! All you need is an internet connection. No equipment needed; all fitness levels; ANYWHERE in the world! 

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